Dear friends,

first of all, I hope that you are viewing this website enjoying good health - y'all please stay safe in these crazy times!

In order to share our love for music even in times when live performances are not possible, my friends and I have recorded a few videos. You can find them on this YouTube channel or on Instagram.

As soon as the situation allows, I will again perfom with the following bands and musicians:

Apart from the above, I am really excited to inform you that I have joined the legendary Austrian bluegrass band Nugget. I have been a fan of their music for more than twenty years, so this is a dream come true. Stay tuned!


Calendar 2021

All dates are in the Czech Republic unless stated otherwise.
Last updated: November 2nd, 2020.

With G-runs ‘n Roses:

7.1. Balbinka, Prague
11.3. Balbinka, Prague
16.6. Balbinka, Prague

24.7. Country Club v Jeteli, Ploukonice

28.8. Country Kaninafest, Kanina u Kokořina
14.9. Balbinka, Prague
16.11. Balbinka, Prague

With Blueland:

21.8. Bluegrass i de Müli, Switzerland

With The Rustic Robots:

To be announced

With Ondra Kozak:

To be announced

With Nugget:

To be announced


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