Dear friends,

first of all, I hope that you are viewing this website enjoying good health - y'all please stay safe in these crazy times!

In order to share our love for music even in times when live performances are not possible, my friends and I have recorded a few videos. You can find them in the video section, on this YouTube channel or on Instagram.

Whenever the situation allows, I perfom with the following bands and musicians:

  • The legendary bluegrass band Nugget from Austria

  • The Slovak bluegrass band Blueland.

  • The Czech traditional bluegrass band The Rustic Robots.

  • The classic country duo RUR:2 with Radek Vaňkát (Dobro).

  • duo with one of the Czech Republic’s most admired musicians, Ondra Kozák.

Apart from the above, we are working on a new project with Martin Mikulas, Zbynek Bures, Eda Kristufek, Vlada Pavlicek and Pepa Honzik. I will let you know more soon!

G-runs 'n Roses did not perform in 2021 due to personnel issues and time constraints of more than one bandmember. However, I still hope that this is not the end of the road and that you will hear from us again in the future.

Take care and stay safe!



Calendar 2022

All dates are in the Czech Republic unless stated otherwise.
Last updated: December 3rd, 2021

With Nugget:

11.6. Zwettl, Austria
9.7. Festival na Ostrovech, Nachod
20.7. Dvur Kralove nad Labem
20.8. Bluegrass i de Müli, Urnaesch, Switzerland

25.8. Illertal Cowboy Saloon, Illerberg, Germany

26.-27.8. Voegi's Chaeller, Rumlang, Switzerland
12.11. Posvicení v modrem, Jablonec nad Nisou

With Blueland:

16.11. Balbinka, Prague

With The Rustic Robots:

26.2. Vinarna Zlata Ruze, Velesin
1.4. Brloh
2.4. Illertal Cowboy Saloon, Illerberg
3.4. Ulm

With Four Brothers (Jarda and Zdenek Jahoda, Chris and Ralph Schut):

19.3. Musicians Camp, Kosodrevina, Slovakia

Ralph's Discography